Welcome to Ballarat and Bendigo Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children

The Grandmothers demands of the 46th Parliament

  • End all forms of detention for refugee children
  • End refugee family separation
  • Safely resettle all Manus and Nauru refugees 
  • Ensure all refugee children and their families seeking asylum are held no longer than 72 hours to enable basic identity and health checks.

Recent news:

Bendigo Grandmothers participated in the annual Easter parade again.  Huge crowds this year and we got a warm welcome.  Definitely sensed an even stronger support than last year.Here’s hoping that converts into wise voting behaviour.

easter 2019

The 2019 Federal Budget: What it means for refugees and people seeking humanitarian protection (Refugee Council of Australia)

Amnesty’s 100 Stories 100 Days project

29 March 2019 – Message from refugee advocate Pamela Curr AOM

Please find below a link to the latest Immigration Detention Statistics – 32 January


 What stands out is that for the first time in years, New Zealanders are not the largest group in detention. This time they are pipped at this post by Iranians by only two extra people.

What is also clear is that Home Affairs and ABF have maintained a constant bed occupancy of 1200- 1300 human beings in locked detention for the past three years. They have been able to do this, even though no one has arrived onshore by boat, by creating new avenues for detention.

The question re occurs as we look at the statistics as to whether the SERCO contract (private-In-Confidence) requires a certain bed occupancy to ensure profitability. The number of people in detention who are refugee cleared, health and security cleared and who await years for the Minister to release is an ongoing tragedy.

The population is made up of roughly 1/3 people seeking asylum by boat or air, 1/3 visa cancellations for character or other reasons including that Bridging Visa was not renewed in time by Immigration bureaucracy, 1/3 other including over-stayers.

Five children including one born in detention and a 7 year old boy from Nauru continue to be detained at the Ministers pleasure.

24 Oct Displays 3

The devastating psychological impacts of detention on children are well-known and have been widely discussed for more than a decade. “No one can reasonably argue that a locked detention facility is a suitable place for a child, particularly one who has already been damaged by conflict, war or persecution.” Refugee Council of Australia 2 February 2014


181024 KidsOffNauru Bendigo (7)



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